International Letní Letná festival 14.8. - 1.9.2019

The International Letní Letná Festival is a popular theatre event which introduces the best ensembles from the so-called modern circus, an artistic trend combing circus skills with theatrical poetry.

The Letní Letná Festival is a place which, for the 19 days of its duration, is visited by people looking for a place filled with positive atmosphere and magical, unforgettable experiences.

The best European modern circus ensembles show off their unique art in the centre of a circus big top on Prague’s legendary Letna plane, where circus arts have their ancient tradition.

Come to relax and have a laugh, be touched and hold your breath at the best circus and theatre performances, visit the legendary International Letní Letná Festival in Prague.

Fairy tales and festival school for children are organised on a daily basis; for adults there are circus and artistic skill workshops, concerts, debates and open air performances.

International Letní Letná Festival annually attracts a large number of Czech and foreign visitors. Buy your tickets and book accommodation in Prague in advance. Take advantage of our services and comfortable accommodation in our hotels of the SIVEK HOTELS company in Prague, located mainly in the centre and near the festival.

The accommodation rates are updated daily, you can use our online reservation system, online chat or you call the hotel directly.

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