The year 2018 full of important Czech and Czechoslovak anniversaries

Date: 2.1.2018
For the Czech Republic, the year 2018 will be full of the so-called “anniversaries with the number 8”. The events in 1918, 1938, 1948 or 1968 present inherently important milestones in our history. Numerous celebrations and memorial events are being prepared for these anniversaries.

100 years since the foundation of the independent state in 1918 will be the most significant anniversary, but the country will also commemorate the Munich Agreement of 1938, February 1948, the year 1968 and the dissolution of Czechoslovakia in 1992 (which means 25 years since the creation of the Czech Republic on 1 January 1993).

This year, the Prague Castle, which is the eternal symbol of the Czech state and the most important Czech monument, is preparing several exhibitions with the general title "Founded 1918". The Czech crown jewels, the symbol of the government and power of the Czech kings, will be displayed from 16th - 23rd January. The exhibition The Labyrinth of the History of Czech Lands will be held from February 27 till June 30. The highlight of the exhibitions will be the Touch of Statehood from March 7 till October 31. The last exhibition will be the Guard at the Prague Castle held from June 28 till October 31 to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Castle Guard.

On 28 October, a magnificent military parade will be held in Prague during the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of independent Czechoslovakia.

The Municipal House in Prague is preparing an exhibition of selected works and a part of the Slav Epic – the work of Alphons Mucha. The National Gallery is preparing a series of exhibitions called the First Republic. The National Technical Museum in Prague will present the exhibition called "Made in Czechoslovakia - what the industry has given to the world" in October. Also, the National Museum in Prague will celebrate 100 years of the Republic – the main building, which has been closed for reconstruction, will re-open.

During July-September, the so-called Presidential train will appear on the Czech Railways. It will be composed of saloon wagons which formed the train of the President after 1918.

Also other cities are preparing many events. For example, Pilsen is preparing a year-round cycle reminding other important “years with the number 8”, besides the year 1918. Brno wants to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the state at the end of May and during June and wants to present various events at the exhibition grounds which will make part of the festival Republika.


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