Thank you for your interest in our family hotel and gastronomic company SIVEK HOTELS and our offer of franchise cooperation.

In the following pages we would like to provide you with some information about our company and about how you can become our partner.

Our wish is that the clients of the company SIVEK HOTELS had the most pleasant experience with our hotels and restaurants, and that our employees liked their work.

We believe that by studying this offer you will make a picture about the company SIVEK HOTELS and you will see that we do not only offer high quality services to our clients, but we also offer this unique business opportunity called franchise for well-qualified individuals.

If you wish to get more specific information, please write to us or call. It will be a pleasure for us to answer all your further inquiries. It is possible to contact us on this tel. number: +420 272 114 404 or this e-mail address:


Viliam Sivek – SIVEK HOTELS is a family hotel and gastronomic company with a long tradition in the field of tourism and a team of professionals whose daily activities consist in providing high quality services to its clients and business partners.

SIVEK HOTELS has the certification for the quality of services provided in the tourist industry - Czech Made brand – which is awarded by the Czech Quality Award Association. The General Director and owner of the company, Mr. Viliam Sivek, has been previously proclaimed the Hotelier of the Year in the category of hotel chains, Businessman of the Year, Personality in tourism in the Czech Republic and he was also a finalist of the prestigious Manager of the Year contest in the field of management and economics. In spring 2011, he has been inducted into the Hall of Fame TTG as a personality in tourism.

The Catering and Culinary Team has extensive experience in organizing prestigious gastronomic events both in its own gastronomic facilities as well as in important and attractive places such as the Spanish Hall of Prague Castle. In 2007, the members of the SIVEK HOTELS Culinary Team participated in the "Czech Days in China" which was organized by CzechTourism. Another important event was the organization of a culinary program in the Czech House during the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing in the Gloria Plaza Hotel in 2008.

For several years, the SIVEK HOTELS Catering has been participating in many prestigious matches of the Czech national hockey league, as a supplier in the VIP premises of the HC SPARTA PRAHA Arena.

The real key to our success is the harmonic function of our system of sales with over 20 years’ experience in the tourism and hotel industry in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Thanks to the own hotel and reservation systems, we are able to centrally monitor the online status and availability of each hotel, sell online, manage the hotels and form prices, if necessary. Furthermore, these systems allow us to guarantee the distribution of free capacities to dozens of sales channels, and therefore the offer of free rooms is always available and updated. Thanks to the continuously updated room occupancy, we can react flexibly to price changes, create marketing campaigns and make online and public press promotion.

We also provide professional advice on construction and furnishing of the hotels, we offer benefits of long-term supplier relationships, we arrange staff training in our facilities during the daily operations and other operational matters.

The key to success of our franchisees is the system itself and the fact that our franchisees are not alone in a deserted field against large competitors, which nowadays must fight for every hotel client. Simply said, you will take advantage of all the benefits, which we use for more than 20 years of our existence in SIVEK HOTELS.


Among other qualities we emphasize:

  • managerial skills with an emphasis on leadership and financial management
  • readiness to lead the hotel and restaurant personally, as the owner / operator, and to devote every possible effort every day
  • ability to represent our company
  • entrepreneurial spirit and desire to succeed, supported by high commitment
  • willingness to participate in trainings
  • ability to meet the financial requirements of Viliam Sivek - SIVEK HOTELS which are indicated at the end of this booklet
  • desire and ability to provide the highest quality service to the clients


Becoming a franchisee of the company SIVEK HOTELS brings you many benefits, from the certainty that you belong to the leading company in the hotel industry, to the space that is provided for your entrepreneurial inventiveness.


You will have:

  • your own business and gain a corresponding responsibility for your own success, which is supported by the reputable hotel company, or in other words: you work in your own facility, but you are not alone
  • tools to help your business: local support in the fields of management, training, advertising, marketing, purchasing and equipment
  • the opportunity to use the experience of other SIVEK HOTELS facilities
  • the pleasure of working with people belonging to your employees as well as to the hotel community
  • the personal satisfaction of being the individual owner, while being a member of a reputable organization
  • personal growth and professional knowledge acquired through trainings and own experience and as the owner / operator

As a franchisee of the company SIVEK HOTELS, you will experience this unique collaboration with the company that operates popular 3 and 4 star hotels and stylish restaurants, owns and runs the incoming travel agency which annually brings more than 200 000 foreign tourists to the Czech Republic and has extensive experience in organizing international gastronomic events and many other prestigious events in the VIP areas.


SIVEK HOTELS is a successful brand because it combines a system of standard and individual options. As a franchisee, you agree to carry on business in the SIVEK HOTELS system.
The franchisee of the company SIVEK HOTELS must personally devote the time to the everyday management of the hotel.
It is not possible to manage a hotel without being present, or only as a secondary activity.
The franchise is suitable for individuals and companies.
The franchise contract allows you to run the hotel for some time, usually for an indefinite period, but at least for 3 years as defined in the SIVEK HOTELS standards.

To maintain a unified system, the franchisee must use especially these SIVEK HOTELS standards:

  • management methods, processing bookings, regular facility controls, keeping legal accounting, unified brand marketing
  • advertising signs and visible location

As a franchisee, you must operate the SIVEK HOTELS franchise according to the following standards: quality, first-class service, precision, enthusiasm, diligence, neatness, innovation and value.


  • one-time entry fee
  • fee for online support of a travel agency - fee for installing 4RES software and Comarr
  • training of personnel
  • marketing support and promotion of your hotel
  • consultancy
  • relationships with suppliers
  • interest-free deposit which will be refunded at the end of the franchise contract
  • monthly percentage charges for performed reservations

Equipment and other accessories, which you can buy at the lowest possible price according to our recommendation, meet the high standards and requirements of SIVEK HOTELS. In order to maintain our goal to always comply with the wishes of our franchisees, SIVEK HOTELS does not sell or lease any product or equipment to their franchisees except software, which is necessary for your sales and analysis.


Quality, service, willingness and precision are the standards according to which the company SIVEK HOTELS has been built and according to which it is successfully growing.

As a franchisee, you have at disposition our consultants to help you with sales and services. The primary duty of our consultants is to help the franchisees to maximize sales and optimize costs - which optimizes the revenues and profits. The goal of our consultants is to continuously provide operational, managerial and business consulting.


The company SIVEK HOTELS is a strong group. In addition, its hotels are filled up by its internal incoming travel agency, which is a big advantage. The company regularly participates in international fairs and invests big money in marketing. Smaller independent hotels simply cannot afford this, but all this is arranged for our franchisees within their franchise fee. Besides the quality of the system, it also comprises marketing, access to the online reservation system and getting clients from its own incoming travel agency. The task of our marketing is to focus on clients and meet their needs, build positive image, use the advantages of our company in relation to its competitors, help to promote new services for potential clients and assist in the creation of new products. All this is very important as it contributes to the overall hotel guest experience and to welcoming them back to our hotels.


We contribute to public life through civic and charitable activities. The philosophy of SIVEK HOTELS has always been that the company and its franchisees would create contribution to the environment in which it operates. For example, many franchisees choose to support local sports teams or schools, to fulfil their personal satisfaction and business success.


The company SIVEK HOTELS provides its franchisees and their staff free training and training in the field of operation and management. The training lasts from one to two days. We devote a lot of effort to such trainings, since the company's success is based on well-trained employees and their motivation to work with high commitment.


By granting the franchise, you will get the permission to use the brand SIVEK HOTELS and all the related know-how. A certain portion of the investment for obtaining the franchise must be funded from your personal resources (the franchise fee) and the rest is funded by SIVEK HOTELS within the promotion of the brand.


1. Promotion of the brand SIVEK HOTELS in the most important countries for incoming tourism.
2. Promotion of the brand SIVEK HOTELS in the Czech Republic through internet and printed media.
3. Promotion of the franchisee himself through PR articles, PPC promotion campaigns and printed media.
4. Creating a web presentation of the franchisee on the website of the company SIVEK HOTELS.
5. Implementation of 4Res systems (reservation system) and Comarr (front office system) and training.
6. SIVEK HOTELS know how in the area of sales.


1. Entry franchise fee for licence
A) up to 20 rooms: 80.000 CZK
B) 20 – 60 rooms: 100.000 CZK
C) 60 – 100 rooms: 130.000 CZK

2. Regular monthly franchise fee
A) up to 20 rooms: 10.000 CZK monthly
B) 20 – 60 rooms: 20.000 CZK monthly
C) 60 - 100 rooms: 25.000 CZK monthly

3. The marketing fee or the fee for the support of our incoming travel agency: this fee is variable and varies according to the needs of the hotel for changing prices on all sales channels. In this case, our reservation department performs this, based on your requirements, for you.

4. The reservation fee for reservations made through the channel SIVEK HOTELS (10% group reservations, 15% individual reservations).


Will I be trained before becoming a franchisee?
Sivek Hotels has a special training program for its prospective franchisees and their employees. The franchisee training takes place either in one of the hotels of the company SIVEK HOTELS or directly in the operation process which lasts a couple of days. These trainings include especially the training for 4Res and Comarr programs and fundamental criteria for the reception of the hotels. During the preparation, the candidate goes step by step through all the important operations which are necessary when booking rooms or services till performing the complex check-in of the client. The successful completion of these trainings is a prerequisite for granting the SIVEK HOTELS franchise.

How much money can I earn?
The profitability of a restaurant and return on investment depend on many factors. Although the choice, location, use of brand and know-how of the company SIVEK HOTELS provide essential prerequisites for success, the most important are primarily your managerial skills such as the ability to control costs and the ability to increase sales and other criteria.

How many employees does an average restaurant need?
It depends on the size of your hotel. One of the key elements of our success is the ability to save labour costs. On average, 8 to 30 employees work in one hotel - restaurant, including the hotel management. It's always up to the franchisee to decide and determine the salaries and bonus system. The franchisee is also responsible for their recruitment and training.

Can I sell my own products in the hotel?
Yes, of course. We fully respect the uniqueness of the hotels and support all special "home" services. But the franchisee must strictly guarantee the quality of the products.

Is it possible to have more than one SIVEK HOTELS franchise?
Yes, sure. But it is completely up to the company SIVEK HOTELS to decide whether or not granting another franchise. It depends on the achieved results.

Where do I start?
You must complete the franchise questionnaire (and attach a photograph and the name of the hotel) and send it to the address below. Suitable candidates are invited for personal interviews, followed by the verification of financial resources. After that you will have interviews with the SIVEK HOTELS management and the General Director. The aim of this procedure is to get to know each other better and to decide on possible future cooperation.

Please attach the photograph of your hotel and description of the location.

Viliam Sivek jr.
Executive Director
272 114 404



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