You can now communicate with SIVEK HOTELS in real time via Facebook Messenger

SIVEK HOTELS is intensively working on the introduction of modern technologies that increase the comfort of guests before their arrival, during their stay and even after departure. For several months, we have been testing various chat tools, and chose the most optimal option of all- Facebook Messenger.

Currently, Facebook Messenger is available in all SIVEK HOTELS websites, making real-time communication with hotels much easier and faster.

The advantage of Facebook Messenger is the possibility of direct communication of guests with a hotel especially during their stay, when they are outside of the hotel and need some help or advice - they can contact the hotel without problems at any time. Conventional chats built into the website interface are not user-friendly, however, the Facebook Messenger application is standardly installed on the mobile phones of mostusers.

We are convinced that Facebook Messenger will become a convenient and favorite means of communication of our guests with SIVEK HOTELS.