SIVEK HOTELS now accept Apple Pay payments

Apple Pay immediately gained tremendous interest from users all over the world and in the Czech Republic immediately after its introduction.  We expect that Apple Pay will be widely used in the SIVEK HOTELS hotel network. Over the first week, more than 100,000 users activated it on their mobile phones.

In its business, the family-run hotel company SIVEK HOTELS uses the latest technological solutions to create a welcoming modern day environment for its guests. An online reservation system, online connection to worldwide sales portals and services such as online chat and prepared communication via the Viber and WhatsApp applications have been the standard for several years now. A state-of-the-art reception system, a distribution channel manager and customer satisfaction tracking are used for internal needs. And now Apple Pay is here.

The Apple Pay payment method is faster and more secure than the method offered by traditional credit cards, namely in that no personal data, except for the generated code, is transferred when paying with Apple Pay. When paying with a traditional credit card, your name, card validity, CVV code and many other details are transferred.

It is more than likely that Apple Pay's popularity will continue to grow at an unprecedented rate, and over time, traditional credit cards may even disappear eventually.